Who we are?

La marca NBQ fue creada por escritores con la finalidad de ofrecer al mercado el deseo de cualquier artista, un producto de máxima calidad a un precio razonable. Es por ello que se decidió reunir a profesionales del mundo de la pintura y escritores del sector del graffiti implicados en un viaje apasionante. Gracias al trabajo conjunto logramos sacar al mercado el primer spray de NBQPro. NBQ Company es hoy una empresa joven pero con el aval de más de 30 años de experiencia en la fabricación de pinturas en spray con propuestas claras de valor.


NBQ stands for NEVER BE QUIET. The walls are the pages of that newspaper to which our writers choose the letters, those who always speak without censure or double standards. That nuance that every society needs. NEVER BE QUIET is our motto, NBQ our flag.



NBQ is a spray paint for writers and graffiti artists made by people like you who are passionate about their work. On one hand, we have an R&D department with its own laboratory that works, day by day, having principally two objectives. The first is to improve the products you already know. The second, is to find new products that can open new perspectives when painting and creating.

NBQ is in constantly developing products making it an identifiable sign recognizable to all. First because we do not believe in comfort and conformity. Because we know that the world of spray and Graffitti evolve at the same speed as the world and societies do. And we know that we should contribute as much as possible to meet the common objectives with our effort and our willingness to evolve and change. And secondly, we want to highlight our production team, which manufactures each spray with professionalism and care.

We know that this product will reach the hands of someone who will use it to give free rein to their imagination and their desire to create and change things. (That’s why we do everything with such affection. Because we want the spray to reach your hands not having aesthetic or other defects. And we want to provoke attention when you use it, that unique experience of painting to be satisfactory, comfortable, pleasant and fun.)